Fusion Weekly Issue #28 – 7th March 2014

March 7, 2014

Issue #28 – 7th March 2014

News and Latest Developments

Oracle pushes Modern HR 

Holger Mueller, VP & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research dissects the Oracle HCM World conference.  It’s a good recap of the current state of the Fusion Apps, the levels of customer uptake and some details of what’s coming in release 8 (other details were under NDA).

Ellison Foundation Pledges $100m to End Polio

Larry Ellison has joined several other ultra-wealthy philanthropists in donating large sums of money to eradicating the Polio disease.

New Releases

What’s new in Fusion release 8?

A microsite offering content describing the enhancements in the new versions of CRM, HCM, Financials etc.


How To View The Roles Authorised For Setup Tasks

A short one minute YouTube video from the Fusion Apps Developer Relations team showing how to troubleshoot the security you’ll need to setup Fusion Apps.


Getting Started With Groovy in Fusion Apps 

This white paper introduces us to the wonderfully named Groovy scripting language, and shows where and how it can be used within Fusion to tailor the user experience.

Using Expression Language in Fusion Applications

Arda Eralp talks about the usage of expression language within Fusion. Arda links to a white paper and a few other useful resources.


MIPRO Enterprises moves from Workday to Fusion HCM

Two of Mipro’s business leaders discuss the reasons behind their move from Workday to Fusion. This is interesting news as Mipro had been using Workday for 6 years. They cite security, flexibility, global reach, personalisation, compensation and the user interface as key differentiators for Fusion over Workday.

Oracle HCM World Revolves Around The Cloud

Dr. Katherine Jones recaps the main themes from the Oracle HCM World conference and evaluates Oracle’s ability to deliver on these themes.


Tailoring the Simplified UI for Customers 

This is a 5 minute podcast on how Oracle ‘Fuse’, aka the Simplified UI, contains built-in extensibility capabilities like the Page Composer. This enables you to change the look and feel, the content and the page elements that are visible in the Simplified UI (the ‘Self Service’ interface for Fusion).


Oracle HCM: Manage and Retain Your Key Talent

This 2 minute, Oracle-produced video walks through a day in the life of Ted, a fictional high-potential employee at an architecture firm. It is worth checking out as it has some great screenshots of the Fusion Simplified UI.

Lavendon’s Success with Oracle HCM Cloud 

Hayley Holloway, Group HR Director for the Lavendon Group talks about their Oracle HCM Cloud implementation.

and One More Thing

The Balloon Highline

A short video with great camera work as some very brave people tight-rope walk between two hot air balloons.


Fusion Weekly Issue #27 – 7th February 2014

February 7, 2014

Issue #27 – 7th February 2014

News and Latest Developments

Oracle Updates its HCM Cloud

Oracle has announced several changes with Release 8 of Fusion, including the much anticipated Time & Attendance solution, workforce modeling, additional global support for payroll and new languages.

Oracle Buys Corente 

Oracle has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Corente, a leading provider of software-defined networking (SDN) technology. It is expected the Corente’s capabilities will help Oracle manage and deploy global implementations within the cloud.

Analysts Continue to Show Love for Oracle HCM

Following on from the inclusion of Constellation Research’s “Untold Stories …” white paper in last week’s newsletter, Oracle have found further research from other analyst companies that cover the capabilities of the Fusion product.


Getting Started With BI In Fusion Applications

Richard Bingham has posted a primer on Business Intelligence within Fusion Apps. He describes the difference between reports and analysis and the tools that you’ll need to use for each.


Oracle’s Embrace Of OpenStack Will Help Customers Adopt The Cloud 

Oracle has announced involvement with the OpenStack movement – an open source effort to bring a common set of standards to management of cloud infrastructure.

Using the Post Upgrade Reports in Release 7

Jerry Mabry highlights a new and often overlooked new feature in the upgrade path to release 7, the introduction of a html based report/log which shows the timings and success of the upgrade itself.


Could Oracle Cloud Trump Amazon Web Services?

Floyd Teter has published a thought piece on the IaaS market. Oracle has announced that it’s going to compete with Amazon in the commodity server market, and Floyd thinks that they could win.

Cash machines raided with infected USB sticks 

Dave Haimes spotted this almost unbelievable article where some hackers used USB thumb-drives to load infected software onto ATMs.

Microsoft’s new CEO: Good News for Dynamics

The ascendency of Satya Nadella to the top spot at Microsoft is welcome news to a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, but it’ll have enterprise software market watchers most excited as he used to helm the Dynamics division. He’s very likely to want to grow the product line and that’s going to mean Microsoft encroaches on the territory occupied by Oracle, SAP and the like.


The Periodic Table of Cloud

Rex Wang (Oracle’s VP, Product Marketing) has designed an interesting visualisation for Oracle’s suites of Cloud Services.


Herbalife’s Success with Oracle HCM Cloud 

Herbalife’s seen a lot of improvements since they implemented Oracle HCM Cloud. The biggest one is the quality of the data and the ability to get that data to their executives. Here’s some of the key stakeholders giving their opinions.

and One More Thing

Man fights off shark, stitches leg, goes to the pub

A junior doctor has recounted how he fended off a shark attack and stitched up his own wound on the beach before enjoying a pint of beer at a nearby pub. That’s one tough Kiwi!

Fusion Weekly Issue #26 – 17th January 2014

January 17, 2014

Issue #26 – 17th January 2014

A Happy and Healthy 2014 from Succeed!

News and Latest Developments

Learn the Latest HCM and Talent Strategies at Oracle HCM World 

The inaugural HCM World takes place in Las Vegas from the 4th to the 6th of February 2014. The keynote is by Mark Hurd and there are other interesting speakers from both within Oracle and outside, plus Fusion success stories from clients like Elizabeth Arden and Siemens.

What do you buy the Man who has Everything?

It seems that Larry’s Christmas tradition is to buy himself a marketing cloud! 12 months to the day since Oracle purchased Eloqua, Larry has dipped into the coffers again and purchased Responsys for $1.5 billion.

The Untold Stories Behind Fusion Adoption 

Oft-featured Constellation Research VP and analyst Holger Mueller has published a white paper on the adoption of Fusion by several clients. He walks through each client in turn, details which parts ofFusion were purchased, how it was deployed, but most interestingly of all here reveals why Fusion was chosen over the competition.


Socializing the Finance Department

Oracle’s David Haimes reveals that the Oracle Social Network isn’t just for CRM and HCM, but it’s actually useful in Financials too. He says “it is such a game changer in the way people use ERP applications and get their job done.”

Top 10 HR Resolutions for 2014

This article was spotted by Sue Good, these are the Top 10 Resolutions that HR Departments should adopt for 2014.


ADF Architecture TV in 2014

Chris Muir has written a blog entry on ADF Architecture TV. There are two bonus episodes with a focus on designing solutions with accessibility in mind.

Fusion Apps Architecture for 2 or 3 nodes setup

‘Tushar’ on the ORA Training blog has updated his post on Fusion Apps Architecture for the latest versions.


14 for 14 

Floyd Teter has 14 predictions for 2014. Whilst many other industry watchers have done the same, we’ve picked Floyd’s because he’s been quite specific (rather than just saying ‘mobile is important in 2014’ etc) and has given the reasons for his selections.

Multi-tenant or multi-instance: the SaaS spectrum

A really well written article by Phil Wainewright about the distinctions between multi-tenant and multi-instance, and how those who promote multi-tenancy as a panacea may be mistaken.

The 10 techies to watch in 2014

CNet magazine runs down the 10 Techies (although many of these are now ex-Tech) who could shape the news and product announcements during the coming 12 months.


Meg Bear discusses Oracle’s social media approach 

A 4 minute video in which Meg Bear – Oracle’s Group VP Social – talks about Oracle’s social efforts, why the company is ‘cool’ and answers some pretty pointed questions.

and One More Thing

From near-death to Silicon Valley CEO

Chris Heller highlighted the remarkable story of a brave woman who was hit by a drunken driver who’d run a red light. The impact was so hard that her body basically exploded, but she was revived and reassembled in the first of what would be more than 100 operations. Amazingly, she’s now the CEO of a Silicon Valley company.

Fusion Weekly Issue #25 – 20th December 2013

December 20, 2013

Issue #25 – 20th December 2013

Succeed would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

News and Latest Developments

Oracle’s Quarterly Results Exceeds Expectation

After a disappointing run, Oracle’s 2014Q2 results exceeded expectations. Most of Larry’s focus however, was on the Cloud.

Salesforce Suffers Massive Outage 

‘Planned maintenance’ cripples nearly half of all Salesforce instances in Europe and the US. This outage is Salesforce’s second crash this year, coming three months after data corruption took down servers in Europe for nine hours.

American Career College and West Coast University Use Oracle HCM Cloud

Two private Higher Education institutions have selected Oracle HCM Cloud. They’ve selected both Core HR and the Talent Management Cloud.

City of Rotterdam Selects Oracle HCM Cloud

The City of Rotterdam has chosen Fusion Core HCM for its 10,000 employees. It had previously rolled-out Oracle’s Talent Management Cloud and has now chosen to transition its core HR function also.


10 Keys to Successfully Implementing Fusion HCM

eVerge’s Robert Moser talks about their own Fusion HCM implementation, and the 10 key learnings that might help other companies going through the same process.

Auditing in Fusion Applications

Oracle’s Muthuvel Arumugam introduces auditing within Fusion – including what’s new in Release 7. The post also contains several links to training on the subject.


Learning the Fusion Technology Stack 

Oracle’s Grant Ronald has a piece in the recent Oracle Scene magazine about learning the technology stack that underpins Fusion. Do you need to know PL/SQL, how about Java, or ADF, or JSF? Grant gives the answers.

Integrating With Fusion Application Using PL/SQL

Jani Rautiainen has written a blog entry on communicating with Fusion App via web services using the PLSQL package UTL_HTTP.


10 Cloud Facts you won’t hear at DreamForce

Oracle’s John Foley reveals 10 points that wouldn’t have been discussed at Salesforce’s recent conference. Some are straight-forward point-scoring against Oracle’s rival, but some are genuinely interesting. It’s also the first time we’ve heard the phrase ‘digital body language’.

Fusion HCM  The Kette Is Beginning To Boil 

Oracle ACE Floyd Teter thinks that there is starting to be an upswing in the client take-up of Fusion Applications. He cites several new client go-lives and recent hard-fought sales wins as evidence, and it’s something that we’re starting to see on this side of the Atlantic too.

Should you consider Oracle as a cloud infrastructure vendor?

Dennis Howlett ponders Oracle’s recent proclamation that they’ll compete with Amazon, Azure and Rackspace in the IaaS marketplace (Infrastructure as a Service), and asks if this is anything more than a defensive play on Oracle’s behalf – as taking on Amazon on price is risky – but concludes that customers should still consider Oracle’s offering.


Masdar’s Success with Oracle HCM Cloud

Masdar is an Abu Dhabi based energy company that has selected Oracle HCM Cloud. They’re a fairly young company so potentially had a lot less legacy concerns than more mature companies, but to get live in 40 days is quite an achievement.

and finally…

Bill Gates as Secret Santa? 

From the NextDraft newsletter, it seems Bill Gates participated in Reddit’s Secret Santa program. One lucky Reddit user got quite a surprise when she received her gift.

Fusion Weekly Issue #24 – 15th November 2013

November 15, 2013

Issue #24 – 15th November 2013


News and Latest Developments

Swedbank chooses Oracle HCM Cloud 

Swedbank, one of the leading Nordic banks, has chosen Oracle HCM Cloud. They selected Fusion over several competitors and are taking a strong portfolio of modules, including Core HCM, Goal Management, Performance Management, Talent Review and Workforce Compensation.

Oracle Adds Four new Data Centers to its Cloud

Oracle has announced that next year it will be bringing 4 new data centres online (including Canada and Germany) as it seeks to increase its Cloud capability and compete with the the titans of the cloud hosting marketplace.


Four Best Practices for HCM in the Cloud

An article by Christopher Sowa (VP, Oracle Customer Strategy and Insight) in Profit Magazine covers the questions that you need to ask before moving your HR System to the cloud.


Customizing The Fusion Applications Simplified UI 

Richard Bingham has a new post on the Fusion Apps Developer Relations blog about the impressive new Simplified UI for Fusion(aka ‘Fuse’). Even in the first release it’s possible to rebrand elements of it. Richard has embedded a YouTube video showing how. Certus’s Tim Warner also has a post about Fuse here.

Fusion Concepts: Fusion Database Schemas

Also on the Fusion Apps Developer Relations blog is this post by Vik Kumar on the different schemas created for Fusion, what their functions are, and how this helps maintain a secure application.


Oracle Demonstrates Innovation in HCM 

We’ve mentioned before that Oracle won the Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award for HCM, however this article provides some of the reasons why. The announcements of the Taleo Social Sourcing Cloud (enabling recruiters to use social media channels and social networks to market open positions) and Workforce Reputation Management (enabling managers to track key social metrics about employees such as influence and clout and to provide behavioural incentives via gamification to improve online reputations). There’s also a Big Data add-on for Taleo allowing you to benchmark your recruiting against that of Oracle Taleo’s huge dataset.

The 10 Myths of Cloud Computing

Oracle’s Rex Wang (VP Product Marketing) has posted his presentation on the biggest myths of cloud computing, and then debunks them. A really good set of slides.


The 3 Talent Management Challenges

An Oracle-produced infographic puts some numbers on the difficulty of finding the right people, the impact of ‘Boomer retirement’ and gaining insight into existing talent.


Newfield: HCM Cloud Mobile creates happy employees 

Tweeted by Chris Leone (SVP, Development for Fusion HCM), this video of Newfield Exploration talking about Fusion Tap is the slickest customer video we’ve seen yet. The off-camera comments are the best bits.

Elizabeth Arden’s Success with Oracle HCM Cloud

Sarah Ecofett (HR Director for Elizabeth Arden, UK and Ireland) describes their use of Oracle HCM Cloud. Elizabeth Arden is transforming their HR employee engagement, performance management, and compensation reviews.

and finally…

Running Marathons does not offset a Sedentary Lifestyle

Many people believe that a period of intense activity (eg. marathon training) will offset the damage done by long periods sitting down. This isn’t the case, according to a recent study. “It seems that people can be simultaneously very active and very sedentary.”



Fusion Weekly Issue #23 – 25th October 2013

October 25, 2013

Issue #23 – 25th October 2013

News and Latest Developments

BT – The biggest Fusion deal so far? 

Huge news this week, in that BT has selected Oracle HCM Cloud (i.e. Fusion and Taleo) to replace its PeopleSoft systems. BT is a UK telecoms provider with 90,000 employees worldwide. Oracle beat SAP and Workday to this contract and we believe this is the largest Fusion client so far!

Oracle acquires Compendium 

On October 17, 2013, Oracle announced that it has acquired Compendium, a cloud-based content marketing provider that helps companies plan, produce and deliver engaging content across multiple channels. It is expected that Compendium and Eloqua (another of Oracle’s recent purchases) will complement each other well.


What is Fusion Accounting Hub?

Oracle’s David Haimes discusses the name ‘Accounting Hub’ and delves into the reasons that the Fusion Accounting Hub is much, much more than just the Fusion equivalent of the EBS Accounting Hub.


The Importance of Configuration Management in SaaS

Tim Warner from Certus discusses the changing role of the software vendor in the SaaS world. In the traditional on-premise world patches would be released and then tested by both the vendor and the client. In the SaaS world, there is an obligation on the vendor’s part to have fully tested the patch prior to application (and the client need only test it against their data).

Customizing Session Time Out Pop Ups

The Oracle A Team walk through changing the default text on the timeout warning and expiry popups. They also have posts for altering the popup behaviour.

The Impact of SaaS – The Times They Are A-Changin’

Floyd Teter shares some of his observations from talking to some high-level CIOs on the pressures that they’re under to cut costs, and why the technical challenges and risks of moving to the cloud can be offset by the cost reductions.


SAP ditches Business ByDesign 

Business ByDesign – SAP’s original cloud solution – is being wound down and will eventually be subsumed into other products.

Your Years of Service No Longer Matter

Hugh Blane publishes the ‘Monday Morning Minute’, and this episode argues that the amount of time that you’re with a company is no longer important. The amount that you deliver is a far more important metric. It’s a contentious view, but many people will see that there’s at least some merit to it.

The 9 Hottest Trends In HR Technology

Josh Bersin from Deloitte lists the biggest trends in HR Tech at the moment. It’s a good read too. If you want to get a good idea of what our systems will look like in a few years this is a great primer.


The Oracle Sales Cloud

This is a demo of the Oracle Sales Cloud on iPad (Fusion Tap) and iPhone (Voice App).

and finally…

How to lose $172,222 a second for 45 minutes 

The opening sentence of “This is probably the most painful bug report I’ve ever read” caught our eye, but the figures involved are staggering. We’ve all made mistakes, but not many will top this!

Fusion Weekly Issue #22 – 4th October 2013

October 4, 2013

Issue #22 – 4th October 2013

News and Latest Developments

Siemens chooses Fusion HCM in the Cloud

Global electronics giant Siemens has chosen Fusion HCM in the Cloud for its North American operations.

Oracle Open World

Thomas Kurian talks Fusion Middleware at OOW 

Thomas Kurian gave an overview of the new features of FusionMiddleware during his keynote at OOW. His session has been summarised by the Fusion Middleware blog, but you can watch his full keynote online here.

Is it all coming together for Oracle in 2014?

Top analyst Holger Mueller summarises his findings from OpenWorld and tries to predict what the future holds for Oracle.

Oracle’s Fusion Applications take a supporting role

Fusion Apps had star billing for two OOWs running, however this time they had to take a back seat as other products took centre stage. Here’s Chris Kanaracus’ summary of what we learnt about Fusion adoption.


Administering roles in Oracle Fusion Applications

The Profource team have implemented Fusion internally and have been posting blog entries on their experience. This time the topic is security.


Handicapping the HCM Horse Race 

Industry analyst Bill Kutik takes a magnifying glass to Lexy Martin’s “CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey”. Using a horse racing analogy, which of the major HCM horses should we back?

The Grumpy Employee’s Guide to Being Happier at Work

When you look around the office, do you wonder about the people who seem to be happy all the time? This article claims that there are things that you can do to improve your feeling of happiness. Worth a read.

Oracle could be a serious Cloud contender

David Linthicum looks at the Cloud offerings that Oracle announced at OpenWorld and assesses whether they turn Oracle into a genuine Cloud contender.


Advice on Fusion from OpenWorld

We often feature blog posts from Holger Mueller in this newsletter, so it’s a change to hear him speak. As a key member of the analyst community (which has a chequered relationship with Oracle) it’s pleasing to hear him so positive about Fusion.

Steven Hawking’s Party for Time Travellers 

A fun little video in which Hawking shows off his – typically genius – idea for seeing whether time travel is real. There’s even a humorous punchline at the end.

and finally…

Half-marathoner wins marathon by mistake

There are many things that one might do by mistake, however winning a marathon is unlikely to be anywhere near the top!

Fireworks as you’ve never seen them before 

Taking pictures of fireworks can be tricky, however this photographer has a novel technique, and some really beautiful results.

Fusion Weekly Issue #21 – 20th September 2013

September 20, 2013

Issue #21 – 20th September 2013

News and Latest Developments

Fusion Apps Release 7 Now Available

The latest release of Fusion Apps – release 7 – is now available on eDelivery. This is an eagerly awaited upgrade as release 6 was not made publicly available.

Oracle Open World

What Oracle should address at Open World 

Holger Mueller (Principal Analyst with Constellation Research) has outlined the key points he’d like Oracle to address at OpenWorld. He shares his questions on Fusion, Apps Unlimited, Hardware, Taleo, Java and 12c.


Social in the Oracle HCM Cloud – Part 2

Scott Ewart from the Oracle HCM blog shows us how the Oracle Social Network changes HCM and enables us to use applications that could not have been built before.

How well do you know Fusion Apps?

A fun little quiz on Fusion Apps. Can you pick the right answers on the history and hype of Fusion?

Defining Scope for ERP Implementations

Brett Beaubouef writes on the ‘ERP the Right Way!’ blog how to define project scope, what the make-up of a scope document is and the pitfalls of doing it incorrectly.


What’s New in Fusion Apps Release 7 for Customization

Richard Bingham has posted on the Fusion Apps Developer Relations blog on the highlights of changes and enhancements in Release 7 that are of interest to those customizing and extending Fusion Applications.


These aren’t the SmartWatches you’re looking for 
Sebastian Anthony from the Extreme Tech blog summarises the state of the SmartWatch market – which is very hot right now after product releases from Samsung and Sony – and why they’re not quite there yet. He also holds out hope for a disruptive market entry from one particular vendor.

Korea to get ‘invisible’ skyscraper

A construction company in Korea is about to begin building “the world’s first invisible tower.” The Tower Infinity will stand 450 meters tall and be situated near the Incheon Airport just outside of Seoul. It sounds very impressive, but we’re not quite sure about building an invisible skyscraper next to an airport.

The Augmented Reality America’s Cup 

As we write this Oracle Team USA have just won race 12 of the America’s Cup to keep their hopes of overall victory alive. For all the in-boat technology, the revelation for us has been the graphical overlays on the coverage of the race which has turned the racing into a genuinely exciting spectacle.


DIY Mobile Analytic Apps with Oracle BI Mobile App Designer

A quick 3 minute video on the BI Mobile App Designer, allowing non-techies to create tailor-made graphical dashboards with drill-down – without a single line of code.

and finally…

15 things you didn’t know about Google

As Google hits its 15th birthday, here are 15 surprising facts about the search giant including Nooglers, Xooglers, Backrubs, Goats and the cost of “I’m feeling lucky”.

Trying To Fly Across Atlantic Using Helium Balloons 

An IT Manager from North Carolina is attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean by clinging to helium filled balloons – likely inspired by a famous Pixar character. Here’s how he did (link).

Fusion Weekly Issue #20 – 23rd August 2013

August 23, 2013

Issue #20 – 23rd August 2013

Welcome back to this edition of Fusion Weekly, we hope that you have enjoyed the Summer break!

News and Latest Developments

Ventana gives Innovation Award to Fusion Apps

The Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award winners have been announced for 2013 and the winner for Business Innovation in HCM is … Fusion Applications.

Lawmakers fire SAP over failed payroll project

Following hot on the heels of IBM being banned from state contracts in Queensland, SAP has landed itself in the courts in a battle over a failed $373 million payroll project.


Fusion Mobile Expenses

Johan Louwers has an article highlighting Fusion Mobile Expenses (including a fun little 90sec video on what mobile expenses ‘ought to be’).

Oracle unveils HTML5-based mobile BI app designer

Succeeder Dave spotted this article, where Oracle have announced a new browser based app allowing users to “mash together graphs, tables and other types of data to create mobile analytical apps tailor-made to their lines of business”, all without needing technical input.

Reflections on the current state of Fusion Apps

Certus’s Tim Warner summarises where he feels Fusion currently sits, and which core areas he’d like to see improved before more ‘bells and whistles’ are introduced.


An OpenWorld Class on Tailoring Fusion Applications 

Oracle are running a deep-dive course on tailoring Fusion on the Sunday before OOW. The content is applicable for both partners and customers, and supports all deployment models by including details on using design-time tools like JDeveloper and ADF, as well as the run-time Composers.

The Google Maps Example – Fusion Edition

Alexander Hansal has a handy blog post on integrating Google Maps – fast becoming the de facto standard for online maps – with Fusion.


7 Reasons HR Technology Is So Hot Today

Josh Bersin writes on the Forbes site his take on the reasons that HR Tech is the hottest industry segment currently.


Business Managers must be Smart about The Cloud 

50% of companies have abandoned a cloud project in the last 3 years due to integration problems. This infographic – which focuses on Cloud integration, mobile and data governance – also highlights that some niche cloud providers (we wonder who they mean!) contract out their data management.


How To Customize Approval Rules in Fusion

A 8 minute video by the Fusion Apps Developer Relations team showing how to customize approval rules in Fusion Applications. It’s quite low level, but shows the full setup.

and finally…

It took less than 2 months to mass-produce the cronut 

After featuring the breakfast donut in the PeopleSoft Weekly a few months back, the story of the cronut – a croissant/doughnut hybrid – caught our eye.

15 Companies That Originally Sold Something Else

Avon started out selling books. Nokia started out as a paper mill. These successful companies have, at some point in their existence, pivoted to a different revenue stream and become huge.

Fusion Weekly Issue #19 – 19th July 2013

July 19, 2013

Issue #19 – 19th July 2013

News and Latest Developments

Oracle halts development of Sun virtualization tech

Oracle has decided to stop development on its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Sun Ray Software and Hardware, and Oracle Virtual Desktop Client product lines.

The Woman Charged With Transforming Oracle Sales

Jill Rowley joined Oracle as part of the acquisition of Eloqua (she was their top sales-person) and she brings a radically new style of selling with her – techniques which she’s currently training Oracle’s newest sales recruits to use.


Applications User Experience Fundamentals

There is a new post on Ultan’s Usable Apps blog by Karen Scipi on the basis of User Experience and how the consumerisation of IT software has meant that everyone has had to raise their game.


Lots of Fusion instructional videos available

Richard Bingham on the Fusion Apps Developer Relations blog has posted the above link to the FADeveloperRelations YouTube channel, which is chock full of Fusion technical videos, all uploaded within the last month or so


The Most Strategic Advantages and Disadvantages of Fusion

Richard Atkins pointed us in the direction of this post on the benefits and concerns of Fusion Applications. An interesting read.

Dropbox Blows Up the Box

Dropbox is the most popular of the online storage services (others include MS SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box.Net, iCloud, Amazon CloudDrive). For the last 5 years or so it has been synonymous with the folder that magically synchronises between all your devices. Now however, they’re upping their game with new developer options allowing you to save to and upload from Dropbox, directly from websites. Coming soon is the ability to use it to make saved game states portable across devices, and much more.


Hologic use Fusion HCM

An interview with Dave Rudzinsky who talks about using Fusion to help his company’s growth, and using OBI Apps to satisfy their reporting requirements.

Steve Miranda talks about Oracle’s Cloud Services

Whilst at Sydney Cloud World Steve Miranda (Oracle’s EVP of Applications Product Development) talks about the benefits of Oracle Cloud Services.

and finally…

The Alaskan Bear-Cam

The Guardian website brought our attention to this wonderful webcam in the Katmai national park in Alaska. They’ve trained it on a particular section of the river where they know the bears will be fishing for salmon. It’s wonderful to watch (and more than a million have so far).

When helping strangers works out

Emily Kraus was on the way to a Dave Matthews concert with her boyfriend when they spotted a cyclist having problems by the road-side. Although it might have made them late they stopped to help, only to find out that the stranded cyclist was Dave Matthews himself!