Fusion Weekly Issue #28 – 7th March 2014

Issue #28 – 7th March 2014

News and Latest Developments

Oracle pushes Modern HR 

Holger Mueller, VP & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research dissects the Oracle HCM World conference.  It’s a good recap of the current state of the Fusion Apps, the levels of customer uptake and some details of what’s coming in release 8 (other details were under NDA).

Ellison Foundation Pledges $100m to End Polio

Larry Ellison has joined several other ultra-wealthy philanthropists in donating large sums of money to eradicating the Polio disease.

New Releases

What’s new in Fusion release 8?

A microsite offering content describing the enhancements in the new versions of CRM, HCM, Financials etc.


How To View The Roles Authorised For Setup Tasks

A short one minute YouTube video from the Fusion Apps Developer Relations team showing how to troubleshoot the security you’ll need to setup Fusion Apps.


Getting Started With Groovy in Fusion Apps 

This white paper introduces us to the wonderfully named Groovy scripting language, and shows where and how it can be used within Fusion to tailor the user experience.

Using Expression Language in Fusion Applications

Arda Eralp talks about the usage of expression language within Fusion. Arda links to a white paper and a few other useful resources.


MIPRO Enterprises moves from Workday to Fusion HCM

Two of Mipro’s business leaders discuss the reasons behind their move from Workday to Fusion. This is interesting news as Mipro had been using Workday for 6 years. They cite security, flexibility, global reach, personalisation, compensation and the user interface as key differentiators for Fusion over Workday.

Oracle HCM World Revolves Around The Cloud

Dr. Katherine Jones recaps the main themes from the Oracle HCM World conference and evaluates Oracle’s ability to deliver on these themes.


Tailoring the Simplified UI for Customers 

This is a 5 minute podcast on how Oracle ‘Fuse’, aka the Simplified UI, contains built-in extensibility capabilities like the Page Composer. This enables you to change the look and feel, the content and the page elements that are visible in the Simplified UI (the ‘Self Service’ interface for Fusion).


Oracle HCM: Manage and Retain Your Key Talent

This 2 minute, Oracle-produced video walks through a day in the life of Ted, a fictional high-potential employee at an architecture firm. It is worth checking out as it has some great screenshots of the Fusion Simplified UI.

Lavendon’s Success with Oracle HCM Cloud 

Hayley Holloway, Group HR Director for the Lavendon Group talks about their Oracle HCM Cloud implementation.

and One More Thing

The Balloon Highline

A short video with great camera work as some very brave people tight-rope walk between two hot air balloons.


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