Fusion Weekly Issue #27 – 7th February 2014

Issue #27 – 7th February 2014

News and Latest Developments

Oracle Updates its HCM Cloud

Oracle has announced several changes with Release 8 of Fusion, including the much anticipated Time & Attendance solution, workforce modeling, additional global support for payroll and new languages.

Oracle Buys Corente 

Oracle has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Corente, a leading provider of software-defined networking (SDN) technology. It is expected the Corente’s capabilities will help Oracle manage and deploy global implementations within the cloud.

Analysts Continue to Show Love for Oracle HCM

Following on from the inclusion of Constellation Research’s “Untold Stories …” white paper in last week’s newsletter, Oracle have found further research from other analyst companies that cover the capabilities of the Fusion product.


Getting Started With BI In Fusion Applications

Richard Bingham has posted a primer on Business Intelligence within Fusion Apps. He describes the difference between reports and analysis and the tools that you’ll need to use for each.


Oracle’s Embrace Of OpenStack Will Help Customers Adopt The Cloud 

Oracle has announced involvement with the OpenStack movement – an open source effort to bring a common set of standards to management of cloud infrastructure.

Using the Post Upgrade Reports in Release 7

Jerry Mabry highlights a new and often overlooked new feature in the upgrade path to release 7, the introduction of a html based report/log which shows the timings and success of the upgrade itself.


Could Oracle Cloud Trump Amazon Web Services?

Floyd Teter has published a thought piece on the IaaS market. Oracle has announced that it’s going to compete with Amazon in the commodity server market, and Floyd thinks that they could win.

Cash machines raided with infected USB sticks 

Dave Haimes spotted this almost unbelievable article where some hackers used USB thumb-drives to load infected software onto ATMs.

Microsoft’s new CEO: Good News for Dynamics

The ascendency of Satya Nadella to the top spot at Microsoft is welcome news to a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, but it’ll have enterprise software market watchers most excited as he used to helm the Dynamics division. He’s very likely to want to grow the product line and that’s going to mean Microsoft encroaches on the territory occupied by Oracle, SAP and the like.


The Periodic Table of Cloud

Rex Wang (Oracle’s VP, Product Marketing) has designed an interesting visualisation for Oracle’s suites of Cloud Services.


Herbalife’s Success with Oracle HCM Cloud 

Herbalife’s seen a lot of improvements since they implemented Oracle HCM Cloud. The biggest one is the quality of the data and the ability to get that data to their executives. Here’s some of the key stakeholders giving their opinions.

and One More Thing

Man fights off shark, stitches leg, goes to the pub

A junior doctor has recounted how he fended off a shark attack and stitched up his own wound on the beach before enjoying a pint of beer at a nearby pub. That’s one tough Kiwi!

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