Fusion Weekly Issue #26 – 17th January 2014

Issue #26 – 17th January 2014

A Happy and Healthy 2014 from Succeed!

News and Latest Developments

Learn the Latest HCM and Talent Strategies at Oracle HCM World 

The inaugural HCM World takes place in Las Vegas from the 4th to the 6th of February 2014. The keynote is by Mark Hurd and there are other interesting speakers from both within Oracle and outside, plus Fusion success stories from clients like Elizabeth Arden and Siemens.

What do you buy the Man who has Everything?

It seems that Larry’s Christmas tradition is to buy himself a marketing cloud! 12 months to the day since Oracle purchased Eloqua, Larry has dipped into the coffers again and purchased Responsys for $1.5 billion.

The Untold Stories Behind Fusion Adoption 

Oft-featured Constellation Research VP and analyst Holger Mueller has published a white paper on the adoption of Fusion by several clients. He walks through each client in turn, details which parts ofFusion were purchased, how it was deployed, but most interestingly of all here reveals why Fusion was chosen over the competition.


Socializing the Finance Department

Oracle’s David Haimes reveals that the Oracle Social Network isn’t just for CRM and HCM, but it’s actually useful in Financials too. He says “it is such a game changer in the way people use ERP applications and get their job done.”

Top 10 HR Resolutions for 2014

This article was spotted by Sue Good, these are the Top 10 Resolutions that HR Departments should adopt for 2014.


ADF Architecture TV in 2014

Chris Muir has written a blog entry on ADF Architecture TV. There are two bonus episodes with a focus on designing solutions with accessibility in mind.

Fusion Apps Architecture for 2 or 3 nodes setup

‘Tushar’ on the ORA Training blog has updated his post on Fusion Apps Architecture for the latest versions.


14 for 14 

Floyd Teter has 14 predictions for 2014. Whilst many other industry watchers have done the same, we’ve picked Floyd’s because he’s been quite specific (rather than just saying ‘mobile is important in 2014’ etc) and has given the reasons for his selections.

Multi-tenant or multi-instance: the SaaS spectrum

A really well written article by Phil Wainewright about the distinctions between multi-tenant and multi-instance, and how those who promote multi-tenancy as a panacea may be mistaken.

The 10 techies to watch in 2014

CNet magazine runs down the 10 Techies (although many of these are now ex-Tech) who could shape the news and product announcements during the coming 12 months.


Meg Bear discusses Oracle’s social media approach 

A 4 minute video in which Meg Bear – Oracle’s Group VP Social – talks about Oracle’s social efforts, why the company is ‘cool’ and answers some pretty pointed questions.

and One More Thing

From near-death to Silicon Valley CEO

Chris Heller highlighted the remarkable story of a brave woman who was hit by a drunken driver who’d run a red light. The impact was so hard that her body basically exploded, but she was revived and reassembled in the first of what would be more than 100 operations. Amazingly, she’s now the CEO of a Silicon Valley company.


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