Fusion Weekly Issue #25 – 20th December 2013

Issue #25 – 20th December 2013

Succeed would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

News and Latest Developments

Oracle’s Quarterly Results Exceeds Expectation

After a disappointing run, Oracle’s 2014Q2 results exceeded expectations. Most of Larry’s focus however, was on the Cloud.

Salesforce Suffers Massive Outage 

‘Planned maintenance’ cripples nearly half of all Salesforce instances in Europe and the US. This outage is Salesforce’s second crash this year, coming three months after data corruption took down servers in Europe for nine hours.

American Career College and West Coast University Use Oracle HCM Cloud

Two private Higher Education institutions have selected Oracle HCM Cloud. They’ve selected both Core HR and the Talent Management Cloud.

City of Rotterdam Selects Oracle HCM Cloud

The City of Rotterdam has chosen Fusion Core HCM for its 10,000 employees. It had previously rolled-out Oracle’s Talent Management Cloud and has now chosen to transition its core HR function also.


10 Keys to Successfully Implementing Fusion HCM

eVerge’s Robert Moser talks about their own Fusion HCM implementation, and the 10 key learnings that might help other companies going through the same process.

Auditing in Fusion Applications

Oracle’s Muthuvel Arumugam introduces auditing within Fusion – including what’s new in Release 7. The post also contains several links to training on the subject.


Learning the Fusion Technology Stack 

Oracle’s Grant Ronald has a piece in the recent Oracle Scene magazine about learning the technology stack that underpins Fusion. Do you need to know PL/SQL, how about Java, or ADF, or JSF? Grant gives the answers.

Integrating With Fusion Application Using PL/SQL

Jani Rautiainen has written a blog entry on communicating with Fusion App via web services using the PLSQL package UTL_HTTP.


10 Cloud Facts you won’t hear at DreamForce

Oracle’s John Foley reveals 10 points that wouldn’t have been discussed at Salesforce’s recent conference. Some are straight-forward point-scoring against Oracle’s rival, but some are genuinely interesting. It’s also the first time we’ve heard the phrase ‘digital body language’.

Fusion HCM  The Kette Is Beginning To Boil 

Oracle ACE Floyd Teter thinks that there is starting to be an upswing in the client take-up of Fusion Applications. He cites several new client go-lives and recent hard-fought sales wins as evidence, and it’s something that we’re starting to see on this side of the Atlantic too.

Should you consider Oracle as a cloud infrastructure vendor?

Dennis Howlett ponders Oracle’s recent proclamation that they’ll compete with Amazon, Azure and Rackspace in the IaaS marketplace (Infrastructure as a Service), and asks if this is anything more than a defensive play on Oracle’s behalf – as taking on Amazon on price is risky – but concludes that customers should still consider Oracle’s offering.


Masdar’s Success with Oracle HCM Cloud

Masdar is an Abu Dhabi based energy company that has selected Oracle HCM Cloud. They’re a fairly young company so potentially had a lot less legacy concerns than more mature companies, but to get live in 40 days is quite an achievement.

and finally…

Bill Gates as Secret Santa? 

From the NextDraft newsletter, it seems Bill Gates participated in Reddit’s Secret Santa program. One lucky Reddit user got quite a surprise when she received her gift.

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