Fusion Weekly Issue #24 – 15th November 2013

Issue #24 – 15th November 2013


News and Latest Developments

Swedbank chooses Oracle HCM Cloud 

Swedbank, one of the leading Nordic banks, has chosen Oracle HCM Cloud. They selected Fusion over several competitors and are taking a strong portfolio of modules, including Core HCM, Goal Management, Performance Management, Talent Review and Workforce Compensation.

Oracle Adds Four new Data Centers to its Cloud

Oracle has announced that next year it will be bringing 4 new data centres online (including Canada and Germany) as it seeks to increase its Cloud capability and compete with the the titans of the cloud hosting marketplace.


Four Best Practices for HCM in the Cloud

An article by Christopher Sowa (VP, Oracle Customer Strategy and Insight) in Profit Magazine covers the questions that you need to ask before moving your HR System to the cloud.


Customizing The Fusion Applications Simplified UI 

Richard Bingham has a new post on the Fusion Apps Developer Relations blog about the impressive new Simplified UI for Fusion(aka ‘Fuse’). Even in the first release it’s possible to rebrand elements of it. Richard has embedded a YouTube video showing how. Certus’s Tim Warner also has a post about Fuse here.

Fusion Concepts: Fusion Database Schemas

Also on the Fusion Apps Developer Relations blog is this post by Vik Kumar on the different schemas created for Fusion, what their functions are, and how this helps maintain a secure application.


Oracle Demonstrates Innovation in HCM 

We’ve mentioned before that Oracle won the Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award for HCM, however this article provides some of the reasons why. The announcements of the Taleo Social Sourcing Cloud (enabling recruiters to use social media channels and social networks to market open positions) and Workforce Reputation Management (enabling managers to track key social metrics about employees such as influence and clout and to provide behavioural incentives via gamification to improve online reputations). There’s also a Big Data add-on for Taleo allowing you to benchmark your recruiting against that of Oracle Taleo’s huge dataset.

The 10 Myths of Cloud Computing

Oracle’s Rex Wang (VP Product Marketing) has posted his presentation on the biggest myths of cloud computing, and then debunks them. A really good set of slides.


The 3 Talent Management Challenges

An Oracle-produced infographic puts some numbers on the difficulty of finding the right people, the impact of ‘Boomer retirement’ and gaining insight into existing talent.


Newfield: HCM Cloud Mobile creates happy employees 

Tweeted by Chris Leone (SVP, Development for Fusion HCM), this video of Newfield Exploration talking about Fusion Tap is the slickest customer video we’ve seen yet. The off-camera comments are the best bits.

Elizabeth Arden’s Success with Oracle HCM Cloud

Sarah Ecofett (HR Director for Elizabeth Arden, UK and Ireland) describes their use of Oracle HCM Cloud. Elizabeth Arden is transforming their HR employee engagement, performance management, and compensation reviews.

and finally…

Running Marathons does not offset a Sedentary Lifestyle

Many people believe that a period of intense activity (eg. marathon training) will offset the damage done by long periods sitting down. This isn’t the case, according to a recent study. “It seems that people can be simultaneously very active and very sedentary.”



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