Fusion Weekly Issue #23 – 25th October 2013

Issue #23 – 25th October 2013

News and Latest Developments

BT – The biggest Fusion deal so far? 

Huge news this week, in that BT has selected Oracle HCM Cloud (i.e. Fusion and Taleo) to replace its PeopleSoft systems. BT is a UK telecoms provider with 90,000 employees worldwide. Oracle beat SAP and Workday to this contract and we believe this is the largest Fusion client so far!

Oracle acquires Compendium 

On October 17, 2013, Oracle announced that it has acquired Compendium, a cloud-based content marketing provider that helps companies plan, produce and deliver engaging content across multiple channels. It is expected that Compendium and Eloqua (another of Oracle’s recent purchases) will complement each other well.


What is Fusion Accounting Hub?

Oracle’s David Haimes discusses the name ‘Accounting Hub’ and delves into the reasons that the Fusion Accounting Hub is much, much more than just the Fusion equivalent of the EBS Accounting Hub.


The Importance of Configuration Management in SaaS

Tim Warner from Certus discusses the changing role of the software vendor in the SaaS world. In the traditional on-premise world patches would be released and then tested by both the vendor and the client. In the SaaS world, there is an obligation on the vendor’s part to have fully tested the patch prior to application (and the client need only test it against their data).

Customizing Session Time Out Pop Ups

The Oracle A Team walk through changing the default text on the timeout warning and expiry popups. They also have posts for altering the popup behaviour.

The Impact of SaaS – The Times They Are A-Changin’

Floyd Teter shares some of his observations from talking to some high-level CIOs on the pressures that they’re under to cut costs, and why the technical challenges and risks of moving to the cloud can be offset by the cost reductions.


SAP ditches Business ByDesign 

Business ByDesign – SAP’s original cloud solution – is being wound down and will eventually be subsumed into other products.

Your Years of Service No Longer Matter

Hugh Blane publishes the ‘Monday Morning Minute’, and this episode argues that the amount of time that you’re with a company is no longer important. The amount that you deliver is a far more important metric. It’s a contentious view, but many people will see that there’s at least some merit to it.

The 9 Hottest Trends In HR Technology

Josh Bersin from Deloitte lists the biggest trends in HR Tech at the moment. It’s a good read too. If you want to get a good idea of what our systems will look like in a few years this is a great primer.


The Oracle Sales Cloud

This is a demo of the Oracle Sales Cloud on iPad (Fusion Tap) and iPhone (Voice App).

and finally…

How to lose $172,222 a second for 45 minutes 

The opening sentence of “This is probably the most painful bug report I’ve ever read” caught our eye, but the figures involved are staggering. We’ve all made mistakes, but not many will top this!


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