Fusion Weekly Issue #22 – 4th October 2013

Issue #22 – 4th October 2013

News and Latest Developments

Siemens chooses Fusion HCM in the Cloud

Global electronics giant Siemens has chosen Fusion HCM in the Cloud for its North American operations.

Oracle Open World

Thomas Kurian talks Fusion Middleware at OOW 

Thomas Kurian gave an overview of the new features of FusionMiddleware during his keynote at OOW. His session has been summarised by the Fusion Middleware blog, but you can watch his full keynote online here.

Is it all coming together for Oracle in 2014?

Top analyst Holger Mueller summarises his findings from OpenWorld and tries to predict what the future holds for Oracle.

Oracle’s Fusion Applications take a supporting role

Fusion Apps had star billing for two OOWs running, however this time they had to take a back seat as other products took centre stage. Here’s Chris Kanaracus’ summary of what we learnt about Fusion adoption.


Administering roles in Oracle Fusion Applications

The Profource team have implemented Fusion internally and have been posting blog entries on their experience. This time the topic is security.


Handicapping the HCM Horse Race 

Industry analyst Bill Kutik takes a magnifying glass to Lexy Martin’s “CedarCrestone HR Systems Survey”. Using a horse racing analogy, which of the major HCM horses should we back?

The Grumpy Employee’s Guide to Being Happier at Work

When you look around the office, do you wonder about the people who seem to be happy all the time? This article claims that there are things that you can do to improve your feeling of happiness. Worth a read.

Oracle could be a serious Cloud contender

David Linthicum looks at the Cloud offerings that Oracle announced at OpenWorld and assesses whether they turn Oracle into a genuine Cloud contender.


Advice on Fusion from OpenWorld

We often feature blog posts from Holger Mueller in this newsletter, so it’s a change to hear him speak. As a key member of the analyst community (which has a chequered relationship with Oracle) it’s pleasing to hear him so positive about Fusion.

Steven Hawking’s Party for Time Travellers 

A fun little video in which Hawking shows off his – typically genius – idea for seeing whether time travel is real. There’s even a humorous punchline at the end.

and finally…

Half-marathoner wins marathon by mistake

There are many things that one might do by mistake, however winning a marathon is unlikely to be anywhere near the top!

Fireworks as you’ve never seen them before 

Taking pictures of fireworks can be tricky, however this photographer has a novel technique, and some really beautiful results.

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