Fusion Weekly Issue #21 – 20th September 2013

Issue #21 – 20th September 2013

News and Latest Developments

Fusion Apps Release 7 Now Available

The latest release of Fusion Apps – release 7 – is now available on eDelivery. This is an eagerly awaited upgrade as release 6 was not made publicly available.

Oracle Open World

What Oracle should address at Open World 

Holger Mueller (Principal Analyst with Constellation Research) has outlined the key points he’d like Oracle to address at OpenWorld. He shares his questions on Fusion, Apps Unlimited, Hardware, Taleo, Java and 12c.


Social in the Oracle HCM Cloud – Part 2

Scott Ewart from the Oracle HCM blog shows us how the Oracle Social Network changes HCM and enables us to use applications that could not have been built before.

How well do you know Fusion Apps?

A fun little quiz on Fusion Apps. Can you pick the right answers on the history and hype of Fusion?

Defining Scope for ERP Implementations

Brett Beaubouef writes on the ‘ERP the Right Way!’ blog how to define project scope, what the make-up of a scope document is and the pitfalls of doing it incorrectly.


What’s New in Fusion Apps Release 7 for Customization

Richard Bingham has posted on the Fusion Apps Developer Relations blog on the highlights of changes and enhancements in Release 7 that are of interest to those customizing and extending Fusion Applications.


These aren’t the SmartWatches you’re looking for 
Sebastian Anthony from the Extreme Tech blog summarises the state of the SmartWatch market – which is very hot right now after product releases from Samsung and Sony – and why they’re not quite there yet. He also holds out hope for a disruptive market entry from one particular vendor.

Korea to get ‘invisible’ skyscraper

A construction company in Korea is about to begin building “the world’s first invisible tower.” The Tower Infinity will stand 450 meters tall and be situated near the Incheon Airport just outside of Seoul. It sounds very impressive, but we’re not quite sure about building an invisible skyscraper next to an airport.

The Augmented Reality America’s Cup 

As we write this Oracle Team USA have just won race 12 of the America’s Cup to keep their hopes of overall victory alive. For all the in-boat technology, the revelation for us has been the graphical overlays on the coverage of the race which has turned the racing into a genuinely exciting spectacle.


DIY Mobile Analytic Apps with Oracle BI Mobile App Designer

A quick 3 minute video on the BI Mobile App Designer, allowing non-techies to create tailor-made graphical dashboards with drill-down – without a single line of code.

and finally…

15 things you didn’t know about Google

As Google hits its 15th birthday, here are 15 surprising facts about the search giant including Nooglers, Xooglers, Backrubs, Goats and the cost of “I’m feeling lucky”.

Trying To Fly Across Atlantic Using Helium Balloons 

An IT Manager from North Carolina is attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean by clinging to helium filled balloons – likely inspired by a famous Pixar character. Here’s how he did (link).


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