Fusion Weekly Issue #20 – 23rd August 2013

Issue #20 – 23rd August 2013

Welcome back to this edition of Fusion Weekly, we hope that you have enjoyed the Summer break!

News and Latest Developments

Ventana gives Innovation Award to Fusion Apps

The Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award winners have been announced for 2013 and the winner for Business Innovation in HCM is … Fusion Applications.

Lawmakers fire SAP over failed payroll project

Following hot on the heels of IBM being banned from state contracts in Queensland, SAP has landed itself in the courts in a battle over a failed $373 million payroll project.


Fusion Mobile Expenses

Johan Louwers has an article highlighting Fusion Mobile Expenses (including a fun little 90sec video on what mobile expenses ‘ought to be’).

Oracle unveils HTML5-based mobile BI app designer

Succeeder Dave spotted this article, where Oracle have announced a new browser based app allowing users to “mash together graphs, tables and other types of data to create mobile analytical apps tailor-made to their lines of business”, all without needing technical input.

Reflections on the current state of Fusion Apps

Certus’s Tim Warner summarises where he feels Fusion currently sits, and which core areas he’d like to see improved before more ‘bells and whistles’ are introduced.


An OpenWorld Class on Tailoring Fusion Applications 

Oracle are running a deep-dive course on tailoring Fusion on the Sunday before OOW. The content is applicable for both partners and customers, and supports all deployment models by including details on using design-time tools like JDeveloper and ADF, as well as the run-time Composers.

The Google Maps Example – Fusion Edition

Alexander Hansal has a handy blog post on integrating Google Maps – fast becoming the de facto standard for online maps – with Fusion.


7 Reasons HR Technology Is So Hot Today

Josh Bersin writes on the Forbes site his take on the reasons that HR Tech is the hottest industry segment currently.


Business Managers must be Smart about The Cloud 

50% of companies have abandoned a cloud project in the last 3 years due to integration problems. This infographic – which focuses on Cloud integration, mobile and data governance – also highlights that some niche cloud providers (we wonder who they mean!) contract out their data management.


How To Customize Approval Rules in Fusion

A 8 minute video by the Fusion Apps Developer Relations team showing how to customize approval rules in Fusion Applications. It’s quite low level, but shows the full setup.

and finally…

It took less than 2 months to mass-produce the cronut 

After featuring the breakfast donut in the PeopleSoft Weekly a few months back, the story of the cronut – a croissant/doughnut hybrid – caught our eye.

15 Companies That Originally Sold Something Else

Avon started out selling books. Nokia started out as a paper mill. These successful companies have, at some point in their existence, pivoted to a different revenue stream and become huge.


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