Fusion Weekly Issue #19 – 19th July 2013

Issue #19 – 19th July 2013

News and Latest Developments

Oracle halts development of Sun virtualization tech

Oracle has decided to stop development on its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Sun Ray Software and Hardware, and Oracle Virtual Desktop Client product lines.

The Woman Charged With Transforming Oracle Sales

Jill Rowley joined Oracle as part of the acquisition of Eloqua (she was their top sales-person) and she brings a radically new style of selling with her – techniques which she’s currently training Oracle’s newest sales recruits to use.


Applications User Experience Fundamentals

There is a new post on Ultan’s Usable Apps blog by Karen Scipi on the basis of User Experience and how the consumerisation of IT software has meant that everyone has had to raise their game.


Lots of Fusion instructional videos available

Richard Bingham on the Fusion Apps Developer Relations blog has posted the above link to the FADeveloperRelations YouTube channel, which is chock full of Fusion technical videos, all uploaded within the last month or so


The Most Strategic Advantages and Disadvantages of Fusion

Richard Atkins pointed us in the direction of this post on the benefits and concerns of Fusion Applications. An interesting read.

Dropbox Blows Up the Box

Dropbox is the most popular of the online storage services (others include MS SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box.Net, iCloud, Amazon CloudDrive). For the last 5 years or so it has been synonymous with the folder that magically synchronises between all your devices. Now however, they’re upping their game with new developer options allowing you to save to and upload from Dropbox, directly from websites. Coming soon is the ability to use it to make saved game states portable across devices, and much more.


Hologic use Fusion HCM

An interview with Dave Rudzinsky who talks about using Fusion to help his company’s growth, and using OBI Apps to satisfy their reporting requirements.

Steve Miranda talks about Oracle’s Cloud Services

Whilst at Sydney Cloud World Steve Miranda (Oracle’s EVP of Applications Product Development) talks about the benefits of Oracle Cloud Services.

and finally…

The Alaskan Bear-Cam

The Guardian website brought our attention to this wonderful webcam in the Katmai national park in Alaska. They’ve trained it on a particular section of the river where they know the bears will be fishing for salmon. It’s wonderful to watch (and more than a million have so far).

When helping strangers works out

Emily Kraus was on the way to a Dave Matthews concert with her boyfriend when they spotted a cyclist having problems by the road-side. Although it might have made them late they stopped to help, only to find out that the stranded cyclist was Dave Matthews himself!

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