Fusion Weekly Issue #18 – 28th June 2013

Issue #18 – 28th June 2013

The Salesforce Deal Section

Following on from the Oracle’s Q4 earnings results, Larry promised some news that he said would reshape the cloud. We’ve already written about the Microsoft transaction in this week’s PeopleSoft Weekly, so this section is dedicated to the Salesforce and NetSuite deals.

Oracle, Salesforce.com ink 9 year Partnership 

Although Salesforce.com currently runs on the Oracle database, there has been some speculation that they were looking to reduce that dependency. This deal not only refutes that speculation, but ties the two companies very closely together. Salesforce will run on Oracle’s Exa-hardware, Linux OS, Java and database platform for the next 9 years, and implement Fusion internally. Quite a deal.

Oracle and Salesforce.com: The Great Detente

Frank Scavo breaks down the press release and debates what he believes the implications are. One thing is clear, the big loser here is Workday.

The Cloud changes everything – Oracle and Salesforce

Holger Mueller also analyses the deal. He thinks it’s been a great week for Larry as the largest SaaS vendor in the market (SFDC) will be running on his new 12c Database.

Other News and Latest Developments

Oracle and NetSuite ally to target mid-size market 

Oracle and NetSuite have signed a deal to work together on the mid-size market, using Fusion HCM and NetSuite financials.

Scores of vulnerable SAP deployments uncovered

Hundreds of organisations have been detected running dangerously vulnerable versions of SAP that are more than seven years old. As these aren’t patched/upgraded and are exposed to the internet – for Self Service – it means that they’re potentially open to attack


Lessons from Fusion HCM Implementations

Tim Warner from Certus Solutions attended the recent OHUG event. He’s distilled some of his findings into a summary blog post.


Integration for Fusion co-existence

Ulrich Janke from the Oracle ‘A-team’ has posted an extension post about integration using the HR2HR functionality. This is the current process, and quite different from the FBL (File Based Loader) integration that will be the method in the near future.


A Fusion / Google Glass App 

Spotted by Succeeder Dave, this post by the Oracle AppsLab details some exciting plans for a demo at kScope (and hopefully UKOUG) of prototype Fusion CRM functionality running on Google Glass.

You’re Too Cheap to Fly Faster

We’d always assumed that progress in air travel was incrementally giving us faster and faster journeys, however that’s not the case. Here’s why …


A ‘2 Minute Explainer’ on Taleo Onboarding

A walkthrough of the steps in the onboarding process of Taleo Business Edition (TBE). It shows the workflow, the dashboards and automation that smoothes the process.

PCL Constructors

PCL Constructors are rolling out Fusion HCM for its 14,000 workforce. Jaime McGavin (PCL’s HR Manager) talks about the benefits that it’ll bring.

and finally…

Duct Tape Surfing

Some people have a such a thirst for life it’s inspiring. If this doesn’t amaze you, we’re not sure what will.

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