Fusion Weekly Issue #17 – 14th June 2013

Issue #17 – 14th June 2013

News and Latest Developments

Oracle was founded this week in 1977

The company that later became Oracle was founded this week in 1977. Here’s a great picture of the celebration (l to r Ed Oates, Bruce Scott, Bob Miner, and Larry Ellison):

IBM buys SoftLayer to create its own Public Cloud
In what is becoming an increasingly congested marketplace, IBM have now begun a Public Cloud offering. They join the likes of Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft and others. Not all is rosy in the IBM camp however, as they’ve recently had a large round of layoffs.

Oracle are not rebranding Fusion

Despite one ‘well known Forrester Research Analyst’ suggesting it, Oracle has denied claims that it is rebranding Fusion Apps to ‘Oracle Cloud Services’, or even ‘Oracle HCM Cloud, powered by Fusion’.


Managing Compensation to Win the War for Talent

This piece starts with a great fact – “Firms that made Fortune’s list (of the 100 best companies to work for) at least three times in the last 10 years outperformed the S&P by nearly 100 percentage points in 2011.” Jeff Haynes (Oracle Solutions Specialist) talks about the impact properly delivered bonus schemes can have, both to employee motivation and business performance.

Integrating Taleo Business Edition with Fusion Tap 

The UK’s Tim Warner is at the OHUG Global event currently, but before he left he wrote up this article on getting Taleo (TBE) working within Fusion Tap. With co-existence being so important at the moment, this is a great piece of news.


JDeveloper for Fusion Apps R6 Now Available

The updated JDeveloper/ADF development tools for the Fusion Apps Release 6 are now out.

Get Started with Fusion Web Services Integration

Vik Kumar on the Fusion Apps Developer Relations blog talks about calling Web Services within Fusion Apps from outside the application – potentially from 3rd party applications on different platforms.


Fusion Apps are still maturing 

A no holds barred article on the current state of Fusion, including lots of quotes from one of the strongest Fusion proponents – Floyd Teter. It’s a balanced opinion, and includes gems like “The way you work in Fusion is not the way you worked before.”

Making Waves in the Analysts’ Community

Natalia Rachelson (Snr Director, Outbound Product Management within Oracle) has written a blog entry on her experience assisting with the smooth running of OAW – Oracle Analyst World. It’s not an event we’d heard of before, but it’s a chance for Oracle to wow industry analysts with their products.


Standard Life On Choosing And Using Fusion HCM

A 4 minute video – that’s really well produced – with key members of the Standard Life team revealing the gains they’ve experienced since implementing Fusion HCM.

and finally…

How Movies have shaped UI

An interesting piece by Jake from the Oracle Apps Lab about the user interfaces seen in some big-name movies, and whether they’d be useable in real-life.

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