Fusion Weekly Issue #15 – 17th May 2013

Issue #15 – 17th May 2013

News and Latest Developments

Oracle sharpens up Mobile Development Tools

Oracle has delivered Mobile Release 1.1 of ADF, the app development toolset of Fusion Middleware. This release extends support to newer versions of operating systems, to include iOS and Android, and to add device-native push notification and full file attachment viewing.

Oracle Apps UX Team on the Road: OHUG 

Gozel Aamoth has posted an itinerary of the sessions, demos and labs that the UX team will be giving at the upcoming OHUG Global Conference 2013 in Dallas, Texas, on June 10-14.


Everyone Does NOT Speak English 

Joe Gum (Senior Director, Financials Product Strategist) blogs on the multi-language capability within Fusion Apps. “Why select a cloud service vendor who is halfway there when you can select one who can meet all your global and multi-national needs?”

Oracle Transforms its Workforce

A YouTube video showing interview snippets of Oracle HR SVP Joyce Westerdahl. Joyce talks about the management of the acquisitions, about how transformative implementing Self Service is, and how social functionality could be the next step.

Fusion Security (Part 1: Overview)

Jani Rautiainen from the Fusion Applications Developer Relations gives a very detailed explanation of the Fusion Security model. It’s a fairly complex topic with a lot of nuances, so this post is definitely one to bookmark and save as a reference.


Cloud Computing and The Integration Quagmire

We think the points made in this article are reasonably self-evident, however it’s always reassuring when there’s survey data to back-up commonly held opinions. The lesson is not to buy cloud based systems from disparate vendors and expect integration to be easy, and it seems that 64% of respondents have found this out the hard way.


Oracle CloudWorld in London

Earlier this week Succeeder Duncan headed along to the Oracle CloudWorld event that stopped in London whilst on its global tour. This is write-up of who he saw and what he made of it.

Hey, HR, get off my cloud

Expert Cloud blogger David Linthicum has written a post on LinkedIn warning that when HR Departments implement cloud solutions – sometimes without involving IT – they’re also relinquishing some control over their employees’ activities. Once the control is lost, it’s difficult to get back without stifling productivity.


Fusion HCM Cloud Customer Herbalife talks on video

Fusion HCM customer Herbalife describes the experiences and benefits of running Oracle Fusion HCM in the cloud in this 3 minute video.

Best Practice for HCM in the Cloud

A 5 minute video covering the recent trends in Cloud Computing. The market is moving away from individual Best of Breed and towards mainstream, fully integrated systems (that have added the functionality that the best of breed systems had).

and finally…

Police Officer Stops Chase to Help Baby Ducks

This video is a great advert for the Portland Police Force. An officer shows his compassionate side when he pulls over in the middle of a car chase to help a mother and baby ducks safely off of the carriageway.

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