Fusion Weekly Issue #14 – 3rd May 2013

Issue #14 – 3rd May 2013

News and Latest Developments

Mark Hurd’s Collaborate Keynote 

Oracle President Mark Hurd gave the keynote at Collaborate, and this report on what he said is full of great facts. “Oracle has acquired 100 companies since the PeopleSoft acquisition. By the end of May, Oracle will have spent $4.8 billion on acquisitions this fiscal year.” 


Getting Started with Coexistence and Integration

Oracle’s Richard Bingham talks about getting Fusion Apps to Co-exist with the Apps Unlimited applications, and details the different options available for both packaged integration and ‘enabled’ integration.

A Test-Drive of Fusion Mobile for CRM  

Alex Antonatos (the ‘Apps Consultant’) has seen Fusion Mobile for CRM and has kindly posted a review and screenshots of what he found. It’s also the first time that we’ve heard of ‘Oracle Voice’ outside of slide decks – it’s really exciting that it works well.

An introduction to Human Workflow

This training video was highlighted by Niall Commiskey on his blog. It walks you through the Fusion Apps concept of ‘Human Workflow’ (essentially workflow that contains steps requiring manual intervention).


Tailoring Fusion Applications in the Cloud

Richard Bingham appears for the second time in this newsletter with a blog entry on what you can and cannot do when tailoring Fusion Apps in the Cloud (i.e. when you don’t have JDeveloper access).

Oracle VM: Past, Present and Future

‘The VAR Guy’ talks about the genesis of Oracle VM, where it is heading to, and weaves in snippets from an interview with Oracle SVP Wim Coekaerts.


Getting more out of Big Data 

A report from the Economist on how to get the most out of Big Data. As you would expect from the topic, this isn’t just an opinion piece, the suggestions are backed with good data (support login required).

Of Oracle and Decathlons

Vinnie ‘Deal Architect’ Mirchandani talks about the depth and breadth of the Oracle Cloud portfolio.

Cloud Computing: Myths and Realities

A handy report exploding some of the rhetoric peddled by several vendors about the cloud, and discussing where it can bring genuine value.


The Simple, Modern User Experience for Fusion Applications

A quick 9 minute podcast with Oracle exec Jeremy Ashley (VP, UX). Jeremy tells us what’s coming next in the Fusion Apps suite, including the Fuse UI (for Self Service and Mobile users). It uses the same view objects as the full-strength ‘professional’ UI (so it inherits standard Fusion security, single-signon etc) and is built entirely in ADF.


The Future of Wearable Technology 

Marc Benioff says this is the “Best video I’ve seen in a while”. It’s a bold claim, but it is very interesting to see that wearable tech isn’t just about Google Glass, and there are a lot of other directions that inventors in this area are heading in.

and finally…

We’d love to try IllumiRoom

Innovation within the games industry is still strong. This inventive setup allows the field of view to be extended past the edge of the television screen. The Radial Wobble effect, in particular, would really add to the immersive feel of some games.

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