Fusion Weekly Issue #10 – 22nd February 2013

Issue #10 – 22nd February 2013

News and Latest Developments

Oracle: The judge was wrong in Java case with Google

Despite losing its infringement battle with Google, Oracle is still willing to wage a war over an earlier ruling in the matter. The company earlier this week filed an appeals brief saying that Google’s use of Java in Android was “decidedly unfair”.

Analysis of the Forrester Report 

Over the last week there has been a lot of reaction to a report from Forrester on Fusion Applications take-up. The article linked above is Frank Scavo’s summary, which was a very comprehensive roundup. The first piece of analysis on the Forrester Report is here. Oracle’s rebuttal is here. Also chiming in were Floyd Teter here and Dennis Howlett here.


HCM Innovation in the Cloud

Scott Ewart continues his piece on Oracle’s Cloud solutions, why they’re a strong choice and how HCM systems can benefit from each of the cloud options.

Fusion Apps User Experience

Misha Vaughan talks to Gretchen Alarcon, Group VP, Product Strategy about the Fusion HCM User Experience. They discuss – amongst other things – the Power User Interface, Fusion TAP and the simplified ‘Fuse’ UI.


What is Endeca Information Discovery? 

Endeca is a reasonably new tool in the Oracle armoury, but it’s a very strong one. Situated in the upper right of Gartner’s quadrant, it’s a Data Discovery tool allowing you to combine structured (i.e. data warehouse) and unstructured (i.e. external data) into a powerful dashboard to enable your power users to make better decisions.

The Fusion Apps Composer Part 4 – Actions and Links

Alex Hansal continues his series on the CRM Composer (although much of this will also be within the Page Composer available in other Apps Modules).


Conclusions after 6 months with Fusion

Alex Antonatos has been evaluating Fusion Apps for the last 6 months. These are his findings (scroll past the large header to see the content).

Fusion Applications – Laying it out 

The always sage Floyd Teter has broken down and simplified the installation and deployment options for Fusion Apps.


The Simple, Modern User Experience for Fusion Apps

A podcast with Jeremy Ashley, VP Apps UX at Oracle, talks about the User Experience within Fusion Apps and how it’s particularly beneficial for Self Service users.


Fusion HCM – Do things your way

A short video showing the configurability of Fusion HCM.

and finally…

What does Google Glass look like? 

Have you wondered what it looks like when you’re wearing a set of Google Glass spectacles? This is a two minute glimpse of the future that stole the limelight from the PS4 announcement. If you fancy being part of that future earlier, visit this site.

Is this the best KickStarter project ever?

This project aimed to raise $30k in a month but met its funding target within the hours of launch, and got to $1.3million in the first 2 days.


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