Fusion Weekly Issue #9 – 8th February 2013

Issue #9 – 8th February 2013


News and Latest Developments

Oracle agrees to buy Acme Packet 

Oracle has agreed to buy Acme Packet for $1.7 billion. Acme specialise in all-IP networks (i.e. telephony as well as data) and customers include 90 of the world’s top 100 communications firms.

Oracle customers continue take up of Fusion HCM

Oracle has announced some recent customers signing up to Fusion HCM, namely Brightcove, Newfield and Travelzoo. Additionally, customers have recently gone live on HCM – Gerson Lehrman Group, CSS International and Drivestream – and eVerge have taken HCM and Global Payroll.

Oracle’s Sun acquisition “a good deal” 

Top Oracle execs have finished ‘downsizing’ the hardware side of the business and are ready to push for growth now that the focus is firmly on engineered systems.


Socialising the Finance Department

David Haimes (Oracle Director Financials Apps Development) has a really positive article about the enthusiastic uptake of social functionality with some of the Finance Departments that he has worked with.

Role based access control within Fusion Apps 

Top Fusion blogger Alex Hansal updates his entry on Fusion Apps security, explaining how a combination of Abstract Roles, Job Roles and Data Roles gives your page and data security.


Oliver Steinmeier on the Fusion Apps Developer Relations blog explains why you have to choose carefully the version of ADF you use when customising for Fusion.

Palane Andavar’s blog on Fusion Middleware has a walkthrough on patching Weblogic using Smart Update.


Oracle Customer Experience challenge

David Vap – group VP for Oracle Applications – talks Customer Experience (CX) with ZDNet. It’s a detailed piece and part of a series also looking at other vendor’s products.

A school report for Oracle’s activities 

PAC Analyst Philip Carnelley marks Oracle’s report card, grading them on Cloud, Moblie, Social and Big Data. It’s a fun approach and a pretty positive appraisal.


Game Changing HR

A quick 2 minute video on the main selling points of Fusion HCM in the cloud. Talent, Performance, cloud flexibility, no lock-in, integration with core HR etc.

and finally…

Kaizening your career

Altan Khendup has a Toyota-inspired take on the ‘Change or Die’ axiom, with an emphasis on how the change should occur.

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