Fusion Weekly Issue #8 – 25th January 2013

Issue #8 – 25th January 2013


News and Latest Developments

Fusion Applications Developer Relations

There’s a new Fusion Apps blog, and it’s written by some employees of Oracle. They’ve already added their first post which is titled JDeveloper and Fusion Applications Explained (part 1).


Moving gamification from concept to design 

Erika Noll Webb, Senior Manager UX within Oracle talks about the effort that has been put in to ensure that the gamification concepts built in to Fusion aren’t just a nod to the latest fad but are well enough designed to meet business objectives.

The different facets of the Fusion UI

There isn’t just one UI with Fusion applications, it adapts to fit your device and your purpose. Here’s what we know so far.

We Predict Big Results with Oracle Fusion Sales Predictor

The Oracle Apps Blog includes a short interview with Krishna Mulukutla, Director of Product Management at Oracle who discusses the Fusion Sales Predictor.


More on Upstart 

A blog post from Oracle’s Chris Johnson about using the Linux Upstart utility to boot the Fusion Apps components in the correct manner.

Fusion Weekly regular Alex Hansel continues his series into the CRM Composer. Again, this is useful for those using Apps other than CRM too as the Page composer that we’ll use in other Apps will be very similar.
No matter how fantastic the newest systems are, there’ll always be a small population of users that still want the data out and in a spreadsheet. Sam from the ORA:FMW Fusion Middleware blog shows how it’s done in ADF.


Trivial Software 

Oracle’s David Haimes shows how he classes the different levels of software. Some would consider that Enterprise Software should be at the cautious end of the reliability vs speed of innovation scale but David reminds us that there is a lot of software more risk averse.

The State of Social in the Enterprise

Meg Bear (VP, Oracle Cloud Social Platform) gives her account of how Social Initiatives are faring in different implementations.


Ardent Leisure Share Benefits of Fusion HCM In The Cloud

A short 2 minute video on Australia’s Ardent Leisure and how they’ve made Fusion HCM and Taleo (both in the Oracle Cloud) the backbone of their business.

and finally…

Employee Hiring Assessments: Pet Ownership History 

Next time you’re in an interview and are asked about your pets, maybe the questioner is a fan of Laurie Ruettimann’s Cynical Girl HR blog.



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