Fusion Weekly Issue #7 – 11th January 2013

We’d like to wish a Happy New Year to all our readers.

News and Latest Developments

Oracle has purchased Eloqua – the leading web-based marketing automation software vendor. You can view the Gartner Magic Quadrant showing their high rating here.
There’s a lot of good sense and best practice in here. The document referred to in the article can be found here.
This new release (which actually came out last month) integrates RightNow Chat Cloud Service with the Oracle Engagement Engine Cloud Service. The drive to integrate the Chat Service is part of Oracle’s engagement strategy.


Fusion Apps User Experience White Papers

The Applications User Experience group has created a series of white papers to showcase the UX features of Oracle Fusion Applications and to describe the process used to design them.

Fusion CRM Marketing Campaigns

Niall Commiskey blogs about the difference between mini and multistage marketing campaigns in Fusion CRM.

Fusion and UKOUG 

Debra Lilley has recapped her experience at the UKOUG Conference and what her highlights were from a Fusion perspective.


Fusion CRM Composer Series (part 2)

Alexander Hansel continues his series on how to use the CRM Composer. Although the CRM Composer is a CRM only tool, we understand that there’s quite a lot of overlap with the Page Composer which we’ll have in HCM and Financials.


Steve Miranda, Fusion Apps – The Inside Story

If you only read one article this week, make it this one. The irrepressible R “Ray” Wang (CEO, Constellation Research) sat down with Steve Miranda, Oracle’s Executive VP of Apps Development to discuss the state of Oracle Fusion Apps in a no-holds barred honest conversation about what’s working, what’s not, and what to look forward to in 2013. If you really don’t have time to read the full interview, Floyd Teter has summarised the highlights here.

Why Wall Street Still Owes Oracle an Apology

Oracle continues to put together one solid quarter after the other, however some analysts believe that this isn’t enough.

Where Oracle is hiring

Larry Ellison Explains Where Oracle’s Hiring And Who Got ‘Downsized’.


Fusion Tap

The best thing we learnt from this video was that Fusion Tap isn’t a static product. It’s easy to configure and the application running on the tablet picks up the changes straight away.

Overview of Taleo Performance Management 

A 2 minute video showing the process of Performance Management using Oracle TBE (Taleo Business Edition). Performance reviews and objectives shouldn’t be static, but changing throughout the year to fit your business.

and one more thing …

What can you do now?

We love this at Succeed. It’s a well designed checklist of how to be an awesome work colleague. Pretty much everyone would be able to learn something from this list.

A great Social Media Infographic

So much information is shared on social media, and it’s going to be crucially important to enterprise in the future. Some of the stats contained in this infographic are staggering, however (for example, more people worldwide own a mobile device than own a toothbrush!).

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