Fusion Weekly Issue #5 – 23rd November 2012

News and Latest Developments

Marc Benioff – CEO Salesforce, and ex-Oracle VP – talks about Oracle and SAP … “it’s not that we don’t see them, [just that] they have not provided the next-generation vision for customer-based systems”.

Oracle must be feeling pretty smug watching the HP stock price plummet after their disastrous buy-out of Autonomy. At the time there was a bitter war of words between Oracle and HP/Autonomy, however Oracle has come out of it looking very good indeed.


Organizations Lack Insight into Employee Talent

19/20 organisations in Western Europe see the value of insight on Employee Talent, but less than ¼ are happy with their systems.


Why SOA and REST are perfect together

From Ethan Jones on twitter – 7 reasons service oriented architecture and REST are perfect together.

Some ADF Online Resources

Alex Hansal from the Siebel Essentials blog has provided a compilation of links for JDeveloper and ADF.


Corporations Want Obama’s Winning Formula 

A really interesting piece about corporate America and Silicon Valley recruiting the tech staff behind Obama’s electoral campaign.

Goodbye, Spreadsheets and Hello Modern ERP

Steve Cox (VP, Oracle Accelerate for Midsize Companies) suggests that many midsize companies are gearing up for action now the economy is showing sprouts of recovery. We don’t think we’ll ever see the back of spreadsheets altogether, but there’s no doubt that a decent ERP can greatly improve processes if a company relies on Excel too much.


What Do Your Customers Want in an Online Experience?

A short video showing some of the features available using Oracle WebCenter Sites. It shows recommendations based on ‘clickstream behaviour’, personalisation from profiles, and ratings, polls and comments.

The Business Value of CX: Keeping Your Customers

A short video of Brian Curran (VP Customer Experience Strategy at Oracle) on how CX (Customer Experience) drives value for your business. This works when it’s a public facing website where a good experience leads to retention and increased value, however it also works within an HCM system where a good experience for your customers (the employees) leads to increased use of the system.

and one more thing …

Prince William security gaffe 

Prince William’s official website has released a series of photographs showing his work in the RAF. Unfortunately the photos had some sensitive information in the background, like User Name and Password. This photo blunder has prompted some password changes at the MOD.

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