Fusion Weekly Issue #4 – 16th November 2012

News and Latest Developments

Ted Kummert, VP (Microsoft’s Platform Division) promises users a new database codenamed “Hekaton” to compete with Oracle and SAP in memory database market. There’s alternative viewpoint in the article here.

After spending 1 billion dollars, the U.S. Air Force has decided not to go ahead with their major Oracle ERP project due to concerns over value for money. CSC had been Systems Integrator on the project until its contract was terminated in March.


The Whole Enchilada – Fusion Supply Chain in the Cloud

Tyra Crockett, Senior Manager at Oracle, lists 5 benefits of using Oracle Cloud for your Supply Chain implementation (although the same justifications apply to all modules, not just Supply Chain).


Groovy Global Functions and Script Tracing in Fusion

Alex Hansal posts on the Siebel Essentials blog about using Groovy within the CRM Composer.

Accessing child objects via Groovy

Niall Commiskey has a fairly straightforward usage for the Groovy scripting language. It’s clear to see that the ability to create quick groovy scripts is going to be an important skill for Fusion developers.


Can an iPad replace your laptop?

Floyd Teter, the VP of Technology at EIS Technologies and ACE Director has written a post about replacing his laptop with an iPad.


Changing the Game with Endeca Information Discovery

A short video on Oracle’s data analysis company Endeca.


Drinking Our Own Champagne: Fusion Accounting Hub at Oracle

A short (<10mins) podcast about Oracle’s internal use of the Fusion Accounting Hub.

and one more thing …

20 Great Programming Quotes

An assortment of quotes from famous programmers and computer scientists.

What Programmers Want

This excellent article is actually as response to another person’s post on the same topic here, but nails the answer much more succinctly.

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