Fusion Weekly Issue #3 – 9th November 2012

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News and Latest Developments

Yesterday Oracle announced its intention to acquire Instantis, a leading provider of cloud-based and on-premise project management solutions. The acquisition is expected to complete later this year.
Oracle is being sued by ‘Thought’, a Java middleware vendor. ‘Thought’ has filed a law suit against Oracle, claiming that WebLogic Server and other Oracle products infringe at a “massive scale” on a number of patents it holds.


Fusion Tube Map

Debra Lilley, Oracle Alliance Director at Fujitsu, ACE Director and UKOUG Council Member has posted a blog entry on the Path to Understanding Fusion Applications, which is neatly displayed using the metaphor of a Tube Map.


ADF Essentials – The Bare Necessities

Floyd Teter, the VP of Technology at EIS Technologies and ACE Director has written a post about the merits of ADF Essentials.

Oracle’s internal deployment of IDM

Brian Eidelman, Director, Fusion Middleware A-Team at Oracle has posted a podcast and slidedeck on Oracle’s internal deployment of Oracle Access Manager and Internet Directory.


Unleashing the Workforce 

Two years after Unilever unveiled the final details of their ‘Agile Working’ plan, they are beginning to see the benefits. Its office-based employees are allowed to work any hours and anywhere they want to. This article highlights the positives brought about by introducing this radical plan.

Portal Content Best Practises

Stefan Krantz – another member of Oracle’s A-team (WebCenter & ADF Architecture Team) – talks about user friendly content integration.

How Big Data helped Obama win 

How Obama’s secret team of analysts were instrumental in his campaign victory.


Customers speak out about Fusion HCM and Cloud

A 3 minute video of Oracle customers from Red Robin, Herbalife, LendingClub, and Cricket talking about how they’re using Oracle HCM Cloud Services.

and one more thing …

How Gangnam Style went Viral 

How exactly does a YouTube video get 676 million views in 3 months? Is it really just a catchy tune released at just the right time, or was it part of a meticulously planned and well executed campaign?

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