Fusion Weekly Issue #2 – 2nd November 2012

News and Latest Developments

Another marquee win for Fusion Applications as ING Bank signs up. ING is the world’s 12th largest corporation by revenue with a worldwide workforce exceeding 100,000 staff. ING is a long-term PeopleSoft client.

Oracle India and Startup Village have joined hands to train about 30,000 students and 200 teachers in over 100 engineering colleges in Kerala in Java programming language.
The rumoured Oracle layoffs last week were not significant in terms of size, and are not an unhealthy sign.


Creating a Read-Only role in Fusion Apps

How to create a read-only role in Fusion Apps. It appears that there are no read-only roles delivered in Fusion Apps, however many clients require them (for auditors, or occasional non-invasive troubleshooting in production).


More on Oracle ADF mobile

The key highlight is that software programmers can use Oracle ADF to write one program that will then subsequently run on both Apple and Android devices. Oracle have also released design patterns for ADF mobile.

Will the future be written entirely in JavaScript? 

JavaScript (and particularly jQuery) is the killer framework for HTML, and it’s a monster swallowing the world of fat client options. Watch out Oracle JavaFX.


Is Salesforce the new Oracle?

Do Oracle and Salesforce share more than a few executives as alumni?

Oracle sees sales opportunity in the customer experience market 

Oracle’s recent interest and acquisitions in the area of CX analysed.

and one more thing …

The last Steve Jobs design?

The boat co-designed by Steve Jobs and Philippe Starck has been unveiled. Planning for ‘The Venus’ began in 2007. She measures 256ft, just under half the length of the world’s largest yacht, Roman Abramovich’s 538ft ‘Eclipse’. Larry’s previous yacht (the Rising Sun) is 453ft however he has since “downsized” to the 288ft ‘Musashi’. There’s a better video here along with a segment of his Commencement Speech (2005).

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