Fusion Weekly Issue #1 – 26th October 2012

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Fusion Weekly newsletter. We hope it will keep subscribers informed of new announcements and blog content as the Fusion excitement builds.

News and Latest Developments

Fusion Apps gets a new face! Debuting at OpenWorld, this gives Fusion a more modern and simple look.


Role Based Access Control in Fusion Apps

The Siebel essentials blog contains quite a lot of useful Fusion Apps and FusionMiddleware information, and this time, also includes a H.U.G. (Hopefully Useful Graphic).


Fusion Apps: Getting user data via Groovy 

Niall Commiskey – one of Oracle’s Fusion evangelists – walks through accessing user data using the Groovy scripting language.

Oracle ADF Mobile

A brief explanation of the imminent ADF Mobile functionality.


Top 10 things to read as a Fusion Apps Developer 

Oracle’s Tim Dubois highlights ten resources that will help you get up to speed as a Fusion Apps Developer.

Salesforce migrating off of Oracle DB?

Is Salesforce migrating from Oracle?

Mark Hurd is in Big Data’s sweet spot

Mark Hurd discusses Oracle’s approach to big data and where he sees the future challenges coming from.


Standard Life and Fusion HCM

An artistically shot video featuring interviews with Standard Life staff on the issues that they faced before implementing Fusion (warning: some strong regional accents!).

And Finally…

Oracle’s first game? 

And not a bad attempt either. It’s a nifty little platform game where you work your way around an Oracle data centre. My first attempt got 32nd place on the leaderboard (1137 pts). Let us know how you get on (email us with a screenshot), the highest score gets a mention in next week’s newsletter.

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